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The Venue - What the Groom Pays For

What the Groom Pays For

22/04/16 • Finance & Legal, Groom, Roles & Duties

Many modern day couples live together before they get married and some have a joint bank account. This means that the wedding costs are usually split 50-50 or just paid entirely from a joint account. After watching Don’t Tell the Bride however, there are some things that your future husband should not be involved in!… read more

Husband's Who Take Their Wife's Name|

Husbands Who Take Their Wife’s Name

02/04/16 • Finance & Legal, Wedding Planning

When planning a wedding there are many things that couples have to decide on, while some of these are incredibly trivial and simple there are massive choices to make. Last names can cause rather large arguments and fall outs. To give you an insight into this, here are five opinions on husbands who take their… read more

Not Changing Your Maiden Name |

How Not to Take Your Spouse’s Name After Marriage

01/07/15 • Finance & Legal, Wedding Planning

There are a ton of traditions surrounding weddings and marriage and top of the list is for the bride to renounce her maiden name and take on her husband’s surname. But in 2015, brides are less likely to ditch their name in favour of their husband’s. While the practice is becoming more common, it is… read more

How To Save Money On Your Wedding Transport

19/08/13 • Cars & Transport, Finance & Legal, Wedding DIY

Want a Rolls Royce but only have enough for a Skoda? If you’re looking for ways to cut corners on your wedding cars but still want to arrive in style, here’s how to rethink the vintage cars, save hundreds and still do it in style – 5 ways you can save money on your wedding transport. Image… read more

Mr & Mrs Plaques

Non-Traditional Surname Changes After Marriage

20/02/13 • Finance & Legal, Traditions & Customs, Wedding Planning

Marriage name change is back in vogue around the world. The last decade has seen a definite increase on the number of brides who drop their former name to take on their husband’s name after marriage, and at the same time fewer brides are adding their husband’s family name to their own to create a… read more

Bride on Laptop

How to Change Your Name

27/05/12 • Finance & Legal, Wedding Planning

Once the big day is looming your attention shifts from all the things you need to do before your wedding, to all the things you need to do after your wedding – send the thank you cards, dry clean your dress, go on honeymoon and… change your name.  Changing your name after marriage is a lasting… read more

Tips on beating identity fraud

05/09/07 • Finance & Legal, Wedding Planning

It’s easy for personal information to fall into the wrong hands. Taking some quite simple precautions can protect your identity from being stolen by someone else… Emails Delete emails from unknown sources without opening them. Firewall Use a firewall on your computer to prevent others from accessing your data. Passwords Avoid using obvious passwords such… read more

Moving home guide

05/09/07 • Finance & Legal, Wedding Planning

It need not be the most stressful thing you do. Stay calm and on top of things by following this handy guide to moving your home… Give change of address details to Gas supplier Electricity supplier Water supplier Telephone Mobile phone Post office (to redirect mail) Driving licence (DVLA) Bank & Building societies Credit card… read more

Househunter’s checklist

05/09/07 • Finance & Legal, Wedding Planning

Buying your first home can be exciting but also a bit daunting. Here are some useful points to bear in mind when going househunting… Lease or freehold Not all properties are freehold so it’s worth confirming what kind of lease it has and for how many years. Service charges Some properties will have annual service… read more

Post wedding to-do list

28/08/07 • Finance & Legal, Wedding Planning

After the excitement of the wedding and the honeymoon comes the reality of sorting out some urgent post wedding matters. Get done with the tasks that are a chore so you can move on to those that are fun… 1. Wedding Gifts Thank‐you notes: They came to your wedding and took the trouble to get… read more