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Sending your invitations

Written by    Last updated: June 6, 2006

The invitations are written. Now it’s time to write the envelopes and get posting.

When to post them

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Invitations should be posted around eight to twelve weeks before the big day. Too much earlier and you can’t expect guests to commit to a date so far in advance, and if it’s much later they may well be unavailable. If you have guests travelling from abroad, or you’re getting married over a popular weekend such as a bank holiday, you may decide to send invitations out earlier, or to send ‘save the date’ cards as soon as you book the venues.

If you receive a large number of refusals, there’s nothing to stop you sending out invitations to guests you were previously unable to include on the list. So make sure you allow plenty of time for this.

Addressing the envelopes

It’s good to address an envelope in a formal manner, even if you decide to send less formal invitations. Extremely formal wedding invitations are sent in two envelopes, a tradition dating from when invitations were delivered by hand ‐ the footman would open the outer envelope bearing the address, and the inner envelope bearing the name would be handed over.

If you want to be very formal, your guests’ names and addresses should appear on the outside envelope and their names, written as their titles and surnames should appear on the inner envelope. The rear flap of the outer envelope has the sender’s address engraved or blind embossed on it. The sender’s name is not included here, just the address.

For less formal invitations, simply write your guests’ names and addresses on one envelope, which will contain the invitation.

Handwriting the envelope is acceptable if your writing is neat, though you might prefer to hire a calligrapher to write the envelope for a truly professional look. They should be addressed in black ink to match the invitations. Envelopes can also printed using the templates available on our Print Centre.


Married couple

Outside envelope:
Mr and Mrs (Husband’s Christian name and surname)

Inside envelope:
Mr and Mrs (Surname)

With children under eighteen living at home

Outside envelope:
Mr and Mrs (Husband’s Christian name and surname)

Inside envelope:
Mr and Mrs (Husband’s Christian name and surname)
(Child’s Christian name) and (Second child’s Christian name)

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