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Stationery faq’s and terms and conditions

Written by    Last updated: September 15, 2006

Q: How many invites do I need to order?

A: First decide on your number of guests, send one per family, and to this number add a small quantity to cater for any mistakes and extra guests you may decide to invite at a later stage.

Q: When should I order my invitations?

A: It is advisable to order these at least 3 months in advance of the wedding but you can use our 48 hour service for last minute orders. Save the Date cards can be sent any time in advance, at least a year or beyond in some cases depending on your venue or location.

Q: When should I send my invitations out to my guests?

A: Normally you should allow at least 6 weeks before the wedding but longer notice can be given this is really your personal choice.

Q: How long will my order take?

A: You should leave 21 working days from receipt of your order (excluding bank holidays). However it’s important to remember that no printing will take place until receipt of a signed proof from you.

Q: Is there a minimum order quantity?

A: Yes, a minimum order of 20 items can be ordered per card per design and then in multiples of 10 upwards.

Q: Can I have my stationery printed in a different language?

A: Your stationery may be printed in a different language but it must be the same alphabet as the English language. Some ranges can be printed in any language such as Greek or Hebrew, but please refer to the range description for details.

Q: Can I select different typefaces and could it be gold?

A: We have given a choice of 8 traditional and contemporary typefaces, reflecting the style of invitations we have designed. These will be printed in flat black ink except where indicated. If you choose a coloured ink, these will be printed as a raised ink at an additional charge (see range description for details).

Q: What special trims do you offer on invitations?

A: On selected designs you will be given a choice of ribbon or hand‐lined coloured insert envelopes to choose from. Only one colour may be selected per order. Hand‐lined envelopes are available to order for any design at an extra cost (see range description for details).

Q: If I wish to place a repeat order what are the charges?

A: Requests for increases in quantity, or alteration to copy received after the original has been printed, will be charged as a new order.

Q: Can I order samples?

A: Yes just follow the instructions here.

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