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The wedding buyer’s guide

Written by    Last updated: June 6, 2006

Gifts, gift lists & table settings: the buyer’s guide

The wonderful tradition of buying the bride and groom gifts originates from dowries, when the bride’s father gave money or wedding presents to his future son‐in‐law and family.

These days, we’ve developed the rather more enjoyable practice of showering the happy couple with wedding gifts, but with this new etiquette of giving and receiving there comes a maze of questions. Some people feel embarrassed to ask for presents; others are offended if the bride and groom don’t want to be given anything. And what exactly should a couple be asking for?

Don’t forget that the happy couple are also expected to give presents, often called wedding favours, for their guests. These serve two purposes ‐ as well as saying thank you, they can go far in creating beautiful table settings.

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