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Building blocks representing a wedding countdown

The Lensbury’s Wedding Countdown Guide

31/05/16 • Wedding Checklists, Wedding Planning

Starting to plan your wedding? Wondering about all the things you’ll need to do and when? At The Lensbury we understand it can be very daunting to organise a wedding. With the help of our month-by-month wedding countdown guide, planning your wedding can now be fun and stress free. 12 Months Pick a wedding date.… read more

The Day Before Your Wedding |

8 Things to Avoid The Day Before Your Wedding

24/02/16 • Wedding Checklists, Wedding Help, Advice & Tips, Wedding Planning

After months of planning, you want your wedding day to be perfect and for that reason there are a few things to avoid the day before your wedding! Take on board these points to avoid some easily made mistakes. Making Any Extreme Changes to Your Hair If you want to do something a little different with… read more

Bride-to-be New Year Resolutions |

Bride-to-be New Year Resolutions

29/12/15 • Wedding Checklists, Wedding Help, Advice & Tips, Wedding Planning

We love the new year- the promise of a fresh start, new beginnings and exciting plans, especially if you are getting married! Whilst we usually vow to cut down on our alcohol consumption or join the gym, we have some rather more useful bride-to-be New Year’s resolutions! It’s time to crack on with those wedding plans… read more

Wedding Invitations

8 Things to Include in Your Wedding Invitations

09/10/15 • Stationery & Invitations, Wedding Checklists, Wedding Planning

Sending a wedding invitation isn’t as straight forward as telling your guests the place and time. So we have outlined the 8 most important things to include in your wedding invitations to ensure your guests have all the information they need for your big day! 1. The Reception Card If your wedding reception isn’t in… read more

Pronovias black dress

Items You Don’t Really Need for Your Wedding

28/04/15 • Wedding Checklists, Wedding Planning

You might have a clear idea of what you want, and what you don’t need for your wedding, depending on budget or personal style. There are some items you don’t really need for your wedding at all though, so if you’re looking for ways to spend less or simply cut down on fuss, here are some items to take… read more


The Bridesmaid Checklist of What to Pack for the Wedding Day

26/02/15 • Wedding Checklists

Packing for a wedding isn’t like packing for a regular weekend away and with all the responsibilities of being a bridesmaid, the last thing you want to do is forget anything. Fear not! We have taken one weight off your mind and compiled the ultimate bridesmaid wedding checklist of what to pack for the wedding day.… read more

10 things bride forget to do |

10 Things Brides Forget to Do After Their Ceremony

11/12/14 • Wedding Checklists, Wedding Planning

Everyone will tell you saying your “I do’s” is the most important part of your day; which is true, but it’s not the only part of your day! In fact, no one ever mentions what you should do after the ceremony. This is where step in, we’ve listed the 10 things brides forget to… read more

Beachcomber Paradis Mauritius wedding venue |

Mauritius Weddingmoons with Beachcomber Tours

08/10/14 • Ceremony Alternatives, Honeymoons, Honeymoons & Travel, Wedding Budget & Costs, Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Checklists, Wedding Help, Advice & Tips, Wedding Planning, Wedding Receptions, Wedding Venues, Weddings Abroad

In Mauritius you can have a beautiful tropical wedding abroad, and afterwards you can dive straight into your honeymoon. A weddingmoon! They’re more than a wedding and more than a honeymoon—it’s the two rolled into one! Your Weddingmoon When planning for any weddingmoon abroad you’ll be looking for a gorgeous location that has all that… read more

Confetti Planning Tools My Confetti |

Confetti’s Wedding Planning Tools

07/09/14 • Seating & Table Plans, Wedding Budget & Costs, Wedding Checklists, Wedding Help, Advice & Tips, Wedding Planning, Wedding Receptions

Plan your wedding with Confetti! We’re here to help you through every step of your wedding journey, and so you have at your disposal our completely free wedding planning tools from invaluable check-lists and budget management to a simple shoulder to cry on. My Confetti When you sign up with us you get what’s basically… read more

Villa Sao Paolo Portugal

Getting Married Abroad – Your Essential Checklist

04/03/14 • Honeymoons & Travel, Travel Advice, Wedding Checklists, Wedding Planning, Weddings Abroad

Weddings abroad are wonderful. Think sea, sand and sparkles. Here is our handy overview of the whole process of getting married abroad to make sure you have everything covered. Image courtesy of Villa Sao Paolo, Portugal As soon as possible Think about where you would like to get married and investigate all the legalities. Contact the relevant… read more

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