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Confessions of a Wedding Planner – The Venue

Written by    Last updated: July 12, 2010

How does it feel to be responsible for the most important day of a woman’s life? Tamyn Kirby was one of the UK’s leading wedding planners, and as such, has seen it all. Here she gives Confetti a glimpse at some of the most heart‐warming stories along with some invaluable hints and tips for brides to be.

Confessions of a Wedding Planner
  • DON’T take anything as read without checking first. The venue might not allow fireworks or candles, for example, and don’t assume that you can stay there after midnight. You have to ask lots of questions.
  • DO ask if there is going to be another wedding on the same day.There is nothing worse than bumping into another bride in the toilets.You don’t want to know that there are loads of other people at the venue doing the same thing. Every bride wants to think it is her special day.
  • DON’T fall into the trap of thinking everything will be perfect. I once planned a wedding for a couple whose requirements were very specific: their wedding had to be at a venue by water with mountains in the background. But then, when we found it, they didn’t like the colour of the carpet. There’s no point getting hung up on the little things if all your other boxes are ticked. If you don’t like the carpet colour, then you can use decorations to direct people’s eyes away from it. If you start to fall into the trap of never being satisfied, then it’s bound to be awful.
  • DO think: quality, not quantity. If you cram in loads of things – candles, lights, flowers, favours, table confetti, table cameras and all the other wedding‐related ‘essentials’ – then your guests won’t notice anything. It’ll all look too muddled. Let people notice things.
  • DO make sure you find a decent wedding snapper. In years to come, when your wedding is nothing but a faint memory, it is your photos that will immediately put you back in the moment.

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