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Top Tips from Confetti’s Wedding Fairy

14th July 2010 |By | Be the first to comment

He’s a regular on The Wright Stuff and has earnt himself the title of The Wedding Fairy ‐ for always having a nugget of helpful advice for brides‐to‐be on everything from wedding flowers and wedding cakes to hen dos and the big day. A hit with Wedding TV viewers, not to mention a U‐tube sensation, George Watts is ready with his magic wand to sprinkle Confetti with his own top wedding tips.

Wedding fairy portrait Wedding fairy and bride Wedding fairy portrait Bride
What is a Wedding Fairy?Well, I’d like to think I have a few more magical powers in my wand then your average fairy godmother and hopefully slightly better dress sense!Your TV career began as a Wedding Planner for BBC2’s The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Good times?

Yes, I got the wedding bug after that my career exploded from there. Weddings are the most amazing business because everybody is happy. It’s a real ‘buzzy’ industry and I love that.,

Help! The dress, the hair, the hen do, the cake… Wedding planning can seem a stressful business at first. You make people’s wedding dilemmas look easy. Where do you start?

The best way is to be as organised as possible. If you aren’t, I say get a BBF a bride’s best friend. One person in your life that is super organised. They love it, they soak it up. An office manager or someone who works in a management role ‐ those personalities will have a spreadsheet before you know it. If you have that from the beginning, you go with the flow, otherwise the whole process can be hard work. That spreadsheet will make everything a real pleasure.

“Eat sensibly. People go mad over bridal diets. People have stopped eating to get to their optimum weight. If a bride is on a lettuce leaf a day, I say let’s do this sensibly.”

How do you approach helping couples plan their big day?

The moment you say you are getting married, it’s a journey together. I try and say look take the next six months to work on this project together, and it’s nice to see how people bond together during this process.

Do you never get bored?

No, I love it and I get a buzz from a bridezilla. We all get a bit carried away in the moment and can turn into a monster.

As the host of Wedding TV’s Challenge George you’ve test driven various hen and stag activites. Another great job.

Yes, I did everything from going up in a hot air balloon to surfing. The only thing I couldn’t do was bungee jumping. Bangor car racing was one of the most petrifying things in my life. Girl pamper days. I was a proper boy. That’s popular ‐ a real days adventure. Car racing and at the end of the day washed down with fizzy.

Fun fun fun. Having devised and presented inspirational ideas for summer stag and hen celebrations, what in your opinion make the best hen dos?

I’m amazed at how popular dance parties are. You can go and do burlesque on U‐tube. It has had over 50,000 hits. A fabulous afternoon of dancing.

Have wedding trends changed over the past 10 years?

Everybody wants something different and these days, anything goes. Since celebrity weddings became so popular it can really be a Cinderella theme or anything. People are more adventurous now.

“I get a real buzz from a bridezilla. We can all get a bit carried away in the moment and turn into a monster.”

Favourite celebrity wedding?

Posh and Beckham. The whole day was very tongue in cheek. So many celebrities now take that very seriously. Certain people who have been in the jungle, for example. My goodness they take the whole thing far too seriously. Victoria never did. Weddings should be camp. Camp as Christmas. They should be. The whole thing garishness of it. And I loved the personal elements. Sticky Toffee pudding for dessert because it was David’s favourite. They set up the concept of being as wild as you like.

Top tip for every bride to be?

Eat sensibly. People go mad over bridal diets. People who have stopped eating to get to their optimum weight. If a bride is on a lettuce leaf a day, I say let’s do this sensibly.

Final Thought?

Planning your wedding is like learning to drive, stay calm, take it one step at a time and you will get there in the end.

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