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Why Buy Wedding Insurance

Written by    Last updated: January 17, 2012

Your wedding day involves a large financial outlay which can be protected by wedding insurance giving you peace of mind should things go wrong.

Wedding insurance

Nobody wants to think about anything negative affecting their special day or any mishaps that may occur. You invest a lot of money and time in creating the perfect wedding day but unfortunately, however well you plan your wedding, things can and do go wrong.

Wedding insurance covers you in the event of unavoidable situations forcing the cancellation or re–scheduling of the wedding or any other unexpected incidents that may result in financial losses.

A wedding insurance policy will provide coverage if the wedding and/or reception is postponed due to an accident or illness that prevents the bride, the groom, or their relatives from attending.

Wedding policies usually provide coverage for the following different categories and types of potential loss or damage:

  • Failure of suppliers
  • Event Cancellation or Postponement
  • Extra Expense
  • Event Photographs
  • Special Attire
  • Special Gifts
  • Special Jewellery
  • Loss of Deposits
  • Marquee Cover (subject to additional premium)

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