DIY Petite Pail Wedding Favours

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From playful to sophisticated, here’s how a touch of fabric can add personality and character to a plain mini pail. Great as decor or as wedding favours, this DIY is perfect for a rustic or garden themed wedding. Here’s how to make your own DIY petite pail wedding favours.

Petite Pails DIY Wedding Favours |

Look #1 – Classic Garden

Classic Garden Wedding Favour |

What you’ll need:

Garden Favour What You'll Need |

The look and how to

Garden Wedding Favour |

Step 1: Begin by tying your ribbon into a bow and wrap the middle with baker’s twine. You should then hot glue the finished arrangement to the middle of your pail, about a quarter of the way from the top.

Step 2: Using a hole punch, punch a hole into your tag and attach to the pail’s handle using the baker’s twine.

Homespun Wedding Favour |

Look #2: Perfectly Pink

Pink Rustic Wedding |
What you’ll need:

Pastel Rustic What You'll Need |

The look and how to:

Pastel Rustic Wedding |

Step 1: wrap  pail with the pink lace trim. Lightly hot glue at the back.

{tip: if you can’t find a jewel trimmed pink lace, purchase a plain pink lace and do a DIY add on using self adhesive jewel stickers)

Step 2: add jewel stickers to tag.

Step 3: attach the tag to the pail handle with miniature white clothes peg.

Pastel Wedding Favour |

Look #3: Blue Rustic

Rustic Blue |

What you’ll need:

Rustic Favours What You'll Need |

The Look and the How To

Rustic Wedding Favours |

Step 1: cut burlap trim down to size, such that it covers your pail as shown in the image. Hot glue in the back.

Step 2: create a rosette with your satin ribbon, glue to middle of pail and middle of burlap trim. Wrap and hot glue excess ribbon strands in the back.

Step 3: glue or discreetly tape tag to pail handle.

Rustic Favour |

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