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Tips for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Brides and Bridesmaids

Written by    Last updated: January 23, 2016


When you’re a bride-to-be planning her wedding, or you’re a close friend of the bride who she’s asked to be a bridesmaid, you could be trying for a baby or already be pregnant. Here are some things to consider for the big day!

Tell Someone

Pregnancy |

Above, image courtesy of Pinterest

Bridesmaids, if you haven’t decided to keep your pregnancy a secret as some women do, tell the bride ASAP that you’re expecting. Best to let her know so that it can be taken into consideration when shopping for dresses or when planning things like the hen party. We’ve heard some awkward stories about bridesmaids who kept their pregnancy a secret and then a whole lot of hell broke loose when her dress didn’t fit only weeks before the big day. Oops.

Brides, the same thing goes—tell at least one of your bridesmaids that you’re expecting so that you’re not all on your own. Not only will having one of your girlfriends in the loop give you peace of mind, but it’s safer too—if you faint or fall while dress shopping for example, you’ll be in good hands. Furthermore, when you’re dress shopping tell your boutique assistant—they’ll then know what to recommend for dress shape and fabric.


When shopping for your wedding look, brides and bridesmaids should consider comfort over everything else. For footwear, flat shoes or small heels are recommended if you want to be able to walk at the end of the big day; but if you’re really fixed on wearing big heels, consider flats that you can change into after the ceremony.

For the dress (yes, brides, you can wear white!), you will get really good advice from any bridal boutique about which dress fabric, silhouette, etc, would be best for you. For example, empire waist gowns are popular because of their high waist and how they they flare out over the hips. For fabrics, consider lighter options like organza or chiffon. And don’t forget about underwear—make sure it’s comfortable and supportive.

Drinks and Snacks

Throw a few snacks in your purse for the big day—things you know you can eat without feeling queasy, and things that will give you a burst of needed energy. Also, make sure you drink plenty of water.

The Reception

Colourful Wedding Reception |

Above, image courtesy of Heaton House Farm

Don’t be afraid to have fun at the reception while everyone’s dancing the night away, but be careful you don’t tire yourself out. Also, although experts have recently stated that no amount of alcohol is advised while you’re pregnant, others would say that one small glass of champagne is forgivable. …If you’d rather not do that, look into non-alcoholic options.


If you’re a bride or bridesmaid who’s recently given birth and you now find yourself with a newborn on your hands in time for the big day, don’t panic. If you prepare right you can hang out with your bundle of joy at the wedding to create a really special memory!

Baby On Board?

Bridesmaids, firstly you should make sure you check that the couple are okay with having children at their wedding. And then you need to organise everything you might need throughout the day; don’t forget baby essentials like wipes and nappies.

Know the Day’s Schedule

Feeding your baby will be so much easier if you know the schedule of the wedding day. This way, you can roughly arrange times to feed your baby before and after the ceremony, and perhaps through the reception.

A Helping Hand

Have somebody on hand—perhaps a friend who’s not in the bridal party, and therefore has no major duties through the day—to take your child out of the room if he or she gets a bit fussy.

The Dress

Multiway Dress by Kelsey Rose

Above: Dress Style 50177 by Kelsey Rose, from the Pink Collection

Is your dress breast-feeding friendly? A growing trend with bridesmaids is the multi-style dress that can be worn in about a dozen different ways. They’re so versatile that they’re absolutely perfect for a bridesmaid (or indeed a bride!) who needs to get in and out of her dress quickly and easily. Breastfeeding brides may even need to consider nursing pads.

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