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Kate Thompson boudoir shoot by Divine Divas

Amazing Real Life Photo Shoot Experience

01/12/16 • Photography & Video, Wedding Photography

Ever turned the pages of a glossy magazine to see a beautiful model and wished you could look as good? I’m here to prove that you can look as gorgeous as you feel and capture that look forever. Read all about my photo shoot experience by Spirit Photography in Bath and see the real life results of a beautiful bride-to-be’s boudoir… read more

Brides in forest by Halo and Hobby

Artistic and Dramatic Wedding Photos That Will Blow Your Mind

30/11/16 • Photography & Video, Wedding Photography

Artistic and dramatic, distinctive and unique. Explore the future of contemporary wedding photography by the fascinating Halo and Hobby, and let your imagination run wild. Wedding photos with a difference This is wedding photography to die for… Anthony Gould-Davies (nicknamed Halo) and Martin Hobby are award-winning photographers who together create works of art worthy of a gallery, yet destined for your… read more

Photojournalism wedding photography theme

9 Wedding Photography Themes That Stay Fashionable Forever

31/10/16 • Wedding Photography

Lace wedding dresses were in, then out, and then back in again – and just like the bridal gown, wedding photography trends change with time. Remember how selective colour was once popular? The soft look of film went out with the arrival of digital, then back in with Instagram, right alongside those now popular lace… read more

Town Hall Hotel |

12 City Wedding Photo Ideas

28/07/16 • Inspiration, Photography & Video, Trends, Wedding Help, Advice & Tips, Wedding Photography, Wedding Planning, Wedding Receptions, Wedding Themes, Wedding Venues

You want a photo album that is fit to burst with amazing photos from your big day, but what poses are you going to strike? Well here are 12 city wedding photo ideas that you have to try! The round windows that many of the city’s older venues have are perfect for lounging in as… read more

Best Wedding Keepsake Boxes, Albums and Frames

23/06/16 • After the Ceremony, Newlyweds, Occasions, Photography & Video, Wedding Anniversary, Wedding Help, Advice & Tips, Wedding Photography, Wedding Planning

A place for all your special wedding memories and photographs.This is our pick of the best wedding keepsake boxes, photo albums and frames. Wedding Keepsake Boxes A memory or keepsake box is lovely to look at on your wedding anniversary each year. Keep aside one of your invitations, an order of service and a copy of… read more

Wedding Photo Fun

08/06/16 • Photography & Video, Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography

Spice up your wedding photos with these wedding photography ideas from photo booths to professional photos, videos and fun cameras. It’s time to have some wedding photo fun! Photographer As the bride or groom, you’ll find that you get very little (if any!) spare time to think and collect yourself. Your memories might be blurry… read more

Bridesmaids Toast |

5 Bridesmaid Shots You Must Recreate

07/05/16 • Photography & Video, Wedding Photography

You’ll want the perfect pics for your wedding photo album. But no wedding album is complete without some snaps of your beautiful bridesmaids. Here are 5 bridesmaid shots you must recreate! Celebration Whether it’s making a toast or popping some confetti, photos of you and your bridesmaids celebrating will bring a smile to your face… read more

Church ceremony by Black and White Photo |

5 of the Best UK Wedding Photographers in the North

27/10/15 • Photography & Video, Wedding Photography

Wedding photographers are the fearless and creative breed who make the happiest day of your life last forever. Here are just five of the best UK wedding photographers in the north today, whose styles and approaches are all slightly different but whose artistic work  could become legendary. 1. Jenny Martin: An Award-Winning Eye for Style Jenny… read more

First dance at Laura and Kriss real wedding by Douglas Fry |

5 First Dance Photos to Recreate on Your Wedding Day

12/10/15 • Inspiration, Photography & Video, Trends, Wedding Photography

Beautiful backdrops, flowing moves and elegant venues make for stunning wedding photography. Here are five fabulous first dance photos to recreate on your wedding day. First dance photos are some of the most romantic images of your whole day as they show you together as newlyweds in embrace, surrounded by all your loved ones. Have your photographer… read more

The Best Rainy Wedding Day Photography Options |

How to Absolutely Smash Rainy Wedding Day Photography

16/06/15 • Photography & Video, Wedding Photography

Ah the infamous British weather – so unpredictable, even the weather forecasters have trouble keeping up with it! Don’t fret if you see that rain is due on your big day because there are plenty of ways to make rain stylish and even add to your wedding photos. read more