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5 Bridesmaid Shots You Must Recreate

Written by    Last updated: May 7, 2016

You’ll want the perfect pics for your wedding photo album. But no wedding album is complete without some snaps of your beautiful bridesmaids. Here are 5 bridesmaid shots you must recreate!

Bridesmaid Shots To Recreate |

Featured above: Bliss Striped Tote in Blue and WhiteMetallic Gold and White, and Pink and White | Sunglasses in Blue, Black, and Pink | Pocket Shoes


Bridesmaids Celebrate |

Featured above: Watercolour Floral Silky Kimono Robe On White and Pink | Printed Classic Toasting Flute

Whether it’s making a toast or popping some confetti, photos of you and your bridesmaids celebrating will bring a smile to your face every time you flick through your album.


Wedding Party |

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Bridesmaid Photos |

Images courtesy of Pinterest

Photos of dresses, shoes, and accessories are interesting and quirky additions to your album.

Getting Ready

Make sure you snap some photos of the morning of your big day—your last few hours of singledom. In such a whirlwind of nerves and the anticipation it will probably go by very quickly.


Bride and Bridesmaids Fun |

Image courtesy of Lillibrooke Manor

Friends At the Beach |

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Make sure you get some photos of you and your girls having fun. Whether it’s a simple get-together or the big hen night, capture those smiles!


Creative Bridesmaid Photos |

Images courtesy of Pinterest

From something as simple as hand-held signs and a unique location to more elaborate poses, be creative with your photos and see your album stand out!


For more bridesmaid photo ideas, see 21 fun photos to take with your bridesmaids.

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    wow..the golden glitter dresses rock !
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