How To Look Good In Wedding Photos

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If you’re not a natural in front of the camera, don’t worry. Help is at hand, thanks to celebrated wedding photographer, Chris Hanley, who is sharing his tips with Confetti about how to looking sensational in your wedding photos

Wedding photography

  • Every bride looks stunning on her wedding day: happiness literally lights up their faces, translating into sensational photographs.  However, if you’re a bit nervous in front of the camera, there are tried and tested tricks to ensure you’ll love what you see in your photographs:

Prepare to dazzle!

  • In the run up to the wedding day, it’s easy to forget to look after yourself.  But by ensuring you get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water you’ll help your skin on its way to being photoshoot ready.  For a finish that’s high‐definition perfect, call on a professional make up artist.  Visit your favourite beauty counter for advice on achieving the perfect base and accentuating your best features.  We love working with girls who play up their eyes – it can be so expressive.  Try make up that’s a little heavier than your everyday look – but seek advice, as the experts will be able to layer for a flawless look.   With many venues using potentially unflattering energy saving light‐bulbs, the right make‐up can make all the difference.

The Happy Couple

  • Of course, your wedding day is all about celebrating your happiness with your partner.  However, there’s another relationship you need to nurture in the build‐up to the big day: the one with your photographer.  It’s vital you feel at ease with the person you’ve trusted to capture your special day and get to a point where you’re happy to go with the flow and feel confident in their suggestions.  They’re professionals who photograph brides for a living.  They know how to make you look great and should be brimming with ideas to get the best out of you and your groom.  We offer an e‐shoot, and I’d highly recommend opting for a photographer who includes an engagement shoot in the package, as this helps set you at ease in front of the camera and allows the photographer to study you interacting with the camera, so they can see what will work best on the big day and the type of shots and angles that are most flattering.

Happy people make happy pictures

  • Happy people make happy pictures and that comes from years of photographing weddings and seeing that the very best albums arise from weddings where everyone relaxes into the celebrations. Enjoy a glass of Champagne before you walk down the aisle (just the one though!) your only job on the day is to enjoy yourself and smile. Not just for the camera, but because you’re loving your special day.’’

Drop a dress size in an instant

  • A failsafe way to make you look slimmer on photos is to take a tip from Miss World!   Turn your body so it’s at a three quarters angle to the camera.  This instantly slims you by reducing the breadth of your body that’s on display.  Another beauty queen tip is to put your weight on your back foot and slightly point your front toe, with a very slightly bent knee.  It’s an illusion, but one you’ll be happy with!

Flatter your face

  • For an elegant look, drop both shoulders and lift your neck forward.  Not only does this iron out neck creases, but it eliminates signs of a double chin too!   Your photographer will know lots of tricks to create beautiful looks, like shooting you from above to make you appear fragile and vulnerable, or from below for a majestic, queenly look.

But, just one last thing – don’t obsess about how you’ll look in photos: trust your photographer to weigh up what suits you and your figure and just get caught up in the emotion of the day.’’

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