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Which Super Hero Team is Your Bride Tribe?

24/01/17 • Quizzes & Tests

Have you ever wondered which team of crime-fighting heroes your bridesmaids are most like? Well wonder no more! Take the quiz and find out which super hero team is your Bride Tribe. Which team did you get? Let us know in the comments below.

What's your wedding colour? Take our 10 question quiz to find out! |

Quiz: What’s Your Wedding Colour?

04/03/16 • Quizzes & Tests

What’s your wedding colour? Are you boisterous & brash or calm & serene? What’s your biggest fear? Are you the life of the party or the person refilling the buffet? Your personality impacts every aspect of your life & can help you determine which colour scheme is most suitable for your wedding! Find out now!… read more

Which cake topper are you? Take our fun personality quiz to find out! |

Quiz: Which Cake Topper are You?

14/12/15 • Quizzes & Tests

A little bit cheeky or all swept up in love? Which cake topper are you? Ever wandered which cake  topper best suits you and your partner? Take our fun personality quiz to discover today!

What kind of hen night should you throw for the bride to be?

Quiz: What Kind of Hen Night Should You Throw for the Bride-to-Be?

12/11/15 • Quizzes & Tests

Your bezzie mate is tying the knot of you’re in charge of her last night (or weekend) of freedom before she becomes a Mrs. You want the hen to go off without a hitch, but need a bit of direction in making sure you throw an epic bender. Never fear, is here and we’ll… read more

Take this 10 question quiz to discover your wedding style |

Quiz: What’s Your Wedding Style?

06/11/15 • Quizzes & Tests

Not sure where to begin when choosing your wedding style? We’re here to help, take our 10 question quiz to determine what style wedding you should have!

Presea by Pronovias |

Quiz: Who Should Design Your Wedding Dress?

13/07/15 • Quizzes & Tests

Finding your dream dress is one of the most important moment of a soon-to-be bride’s life. Our fun personality style quiz will help you suss out who should design your wedding dress! See more dresses from the featured designers: Pronovias Spanish designers with a love for sophisticated gowns & beautiful plunging backs Lillian West Sultry and chic… read more

Bel Air Collection Honeymoon Resorts in Mexico |

Quiz: Where Should You Go on Your Beach Honeymoon?

02/07/15 • Quizzes & Tests

Planning on celebrating your wedding relaxing on a sun-soaked beach but unsure where to go? Take our handy quiz to discover the perfect beachside destination for you and your love: More information on the destinations featured: