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11 Must Have Getting Ready Shots You Need To Take on your Wedding Day

13th April 2015 |By | Be the first to comment

Your wedding album will become one of the most cherished albums you’ll ever own and for good reason, it will hold the precious memories of the day you vowed to love one another forever. The pictures captured on the morning of your big day will be some of the most intimate and genuine shots your photographer will capture. Although, the images look natural, you will have to plan what you want to capture and with who. To make this easier for you, we’ve listed 11 of our favourite must have getting ready shots you need to take on the morning of your wedding.

11 Must Have Getting Ready Shots You Need To Take  |

 1. A Helping Hand from Your Bridesmaids

With your bridesmaids looking stunning and ready for the day, ask them to help you with a few final details, whether that’s strapping your shoes, adding the veil or helping you tie your dress. Make sure the photographer is there to capture the moment!

2. A Toast to Your Big Day

It’s never too early to start the celebrations! Capturing the moment you share some bubbly with your bridal party is a fantastic way to remember the last drink you had with the girls as a single lady.

3. Putting on Your Make Up

Applying make up is a work of art, and during the process is probably the only time you will have to reflect on what the rest of the day will have in store, so capturing this rare relaxed moment is a must, even if you’re doing your own.

4. The Dress

Your dress is going to be the star of the show, obviously with you in it. It is the one of the many elements of your big day everyone will remember, you therefore want to capture its beauty before you put it on. While you get ready, ask your photographer to take a few pictures that show just how stunning your gown is. The result should evoke the very reason why you purchased the gown.

5. The Accessories

The accessories are just as important as the dress and you’ll want to have a few pictures in your album with them as the focal point. Ask your photographer, who should have an eye for detail, to take your accessories, which include your shoes, your garter, the rings and your bouquet; and bring them to life with a styled shot. Place them on the windowsill, or on a bed of roses, whatever you do make sure the picture shows them off to their fullest potential.

6. A Mother Daughter Moment

It’s traditional to have a moment with your mum or a mother- figure before your big day and we can’t think of a more touching picture to add to your album. Ask your mum to help you with your dress, or help you with the clasp of your jewellery,  or anything that you’ll treasure for years to come.

7. A Special Moment with the Little Ones

Another heart warming and touching moment you will definitely want to capture, is the time you spend with your own little one before the ceremony. With the day all about you and your spouse you can’t go without capturing the time you spend with your child or children. Imagine their reaction in the future when you present them with the image of the two of you, with you dressed as a bride on their wedding day, and your daughter or son as your flower girl and usher.

8. A Message From Your Spouse

Giving your spouse-to-be a short message on the morning of your wedding is a growing trend, and we can see why. The emotions you feel when you first read the note or message is incredible, and capturing your reaction is the perfect way to show your new husband or wife how you felt in that split second.

9. A Wedding Selflie

If you love selfies just as much as we do then you’ll want to make sure your photographer captures the moment you take your first ever selfie as a bride. It’s showing the rest of the world your light hearted and playful side.

11 Must Have Getting Ready Shots You Need To Take | Wedding selfie|

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10. Don’t Forget The Groom

We can’t forget the other half. Having pictures of the groom getting ready is just as memorable as you getting ready, after all it’s his big day  too. You can see the moment your man transforms in to your groom, what’s more precious than that.

11. The First Look

Finally, the first look photo has to be one of our favourites. Seeing how your bridesmaids, your parents and even your other half reacts is priceless. Make sure you ask your photographer to be there when your family and friends walk in, this is definitely the moment you will value for the rest of your life.

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