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Alyson and Jonathan Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 16, 2006

Last year, I was working away in Italy, actually in the lovely city of Florence. I had arrived on the Saturday evening (13 February 1999) and had the Sunday off before starting work on the Monday.So there I was, in one of the most romantic cities in the world, unfortunately on my own.On the Sunday (14 February), I decided to go for a walk around the city and called my then-girlfriend Alyson on my mobile. I wished her a happy Valentine’s Day and made sure she had received the flowers and card I had sent her. She was missing me and I was missing her and wishing she was with me, especially on this particular day of the year. Anyway, after a long conversation, she had to go and get ready for work.Around fifteen minutes later, I she called me back. After a brief exchange of pleasantries, she asked me to marry her. Alyson at home in Gloucester, myself in Florence, Italy. After a brief pause to catch my breath, I said yes. I was over the moon. After continuing my walk, I decided a pub would be a good idea to have a celebratory drink and where else in Florence, but in the square of the Duomo.Our wedding day is set for 27 May this year and I am so looking forward to it.

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