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Charlotte and Nick Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 16, 2006

confetti – real life engagement story, Charlotte & Nick I had been going out with Nick for two years and living with him for a year when he proposed. It was the month before my birthday and he disappeared in to town all day to buy me a birthday present. When he came home, he asked if I’d like my birthday present early. I hate surprises and like to know what I’m getting for my birthday as I so I jumped at the chance to have it early. We had a lovely meal and a few drinks and then sat down to watch the darts final on the television (not the most romantic thing to watch!). I love darts so I was engrossed. Nick asked me to get him a drink and while I was making us drinks he placed the ring under my seat. I returned and sat down to find that my seat had something under it. I pulled the seat cushion up and a ring box flew across the living room (much to Nick’s dismay!). He ran across the living room beating me to the ring box and got down on one knee. I immediately realised that he was going to propose and, after taking about 15 minutes to calm down, I said yes and he presented me with the most beautiful 18ct white gold ten-stone diamond ring which I adore. It’s not the most usual type of engagement ring which is why I love it so much. I later found out that he wanted to propose at Christmas but his brother got engaged at Christmas and so he decided that it wasn’t the right time .

We’re now in the early stages of planning our wedding which will be 19th August 2006 – three days after my birthday.

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