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Eilidh and Pete Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 16, 2006

My boyfriend Pete and I had just been up to visit my parents and I was sure he was going to propose as we’d skirted round the subject for long enough… when he didn’t – even when we were standing on the beach in the moonlight at midnight I was a tad disappointed.

The next weekend we went up to the West Coast of Scotland and I’d put all thoughts of getting engaged out of my head after the let down the week before. When we arrived, he seemed to be getting increasingly agitated and said he wanted to go for a drive somewhere nice. So we went to the beach where the film Local Hero was made. We were running through the sand-dunes in a race and I slipped and landed with my head an inch away from a pile of dog dirt. After that little mishap we raced to the end of the beach and, just as the sun was going down, he got down on both knees grabbed the wrong hand and popped the question. I couldn’t believe it – it was so unexpected, which made it a million times better!

I later found out the reason he kept making me race him was so we could get to the nice bit of the beach before the sun set!! He did admit to having second thoughts when he saw me flat on my back next to a pile of doggy doo though!

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