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Hannah and Nick Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: May 19, 2008

Hannah and Nick

Date of proposal


How old were you both when you got engaged?

Hannah 28, Nick 34

Who proposed?


How did your partner (or you) propose?

We were at a charity ball organised by a charity that Nicks’ sister‐in‐law Emma helps out for, and at about 9.30pm (half way through the auction), I was called up on stage in front of 120 people. I had no idea what for, as I did not have any hand in the organisation of the ball etc, then the penny dropped when Nick was called to the stage also. He apologised for the interruption to the evening ( even though half the room knew) and on the microphone asked me to marry him, holding open the ring box with the ring inside, I threw my arms around him saying “yes of course!” It was so romantic and the biggest surprise of my life!

Who did you share the news of your engagement with first?

Well the 120 people in the room with us. Then of course my family

Describe your ring.

My Ring is 18Ct White Gold with a solitaire diamond set in a 4 point clasp, there are a further 3 mini diamonds on the ring, two set underneath the actual diamond and one acting as the O in the word FOREVER engraved in he inside of the ring, ‐ it’s beautiful

Did you help choose the ring?

No. He did it himself

Will your partner wear an engagement ring as well?


Did you have an engagement party?

Not a party as such, but we did have a BBQ celebrating with family, and we went out celebrating with close friends

When do you plan to marry?

April 2009

What are you looking forward to the most about planning a wedding?


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