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Hannah and Tom Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 17, 2006

Tom was away serving with the Royal Navy, when he phoned me and said he had something to ask me but unfortunately his phone lost its signal. The next thing I know I had my mum on the phone screaming and congratulating me on my engagement. I just thought: "What is she going on about?"

About an hour later Tom phoned me back so I told him what she had said. It turned out that he’d phoned her to ask her permission to marry me, and then went off to play football as he planned to ask me later on that day (typical man!).
I didn’t mind that my mum told me before he did. I was so happy that I cried and all my friends cried with me!

Tom is currently away with the Navy again, but we have set a date for the wedding in September 2004 so my mum is now having a field day organising everything. I can’t wait!

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