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Imogen and Alan Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 17, 2006

My engagement to Alan was so completely romantic. He proposed to me on a Christmas trip to New York in December 2000, on Christmas Night at The River Cafe. He had arranged for the engagement ring to be flown in from Bermuda, where it was made, to our hotel in New York. I think he was more stressed out arranging transportation of the ring than I’ll ever get organising the wedding, but he is a man after all!!

We are getting married in Surrey on Saturday 7th September, and with just over a year to go I am arranging the cars, photographer, cake etc, and thoroughly loving every minute of it, and growing more excited by the day.

One word of advice to all you future brides out there, from my own experience. Please try and get organised and plan your wedding as soon as possible. With just over a year to go, I have already found my first choice of car and photographer booked (even though I have since found fabulous
alternatives, which have ended up better than my initial choices anyway!!) Please bear in mind that many brides are now booking up quality, popular services 18-24 months in advance.

So get your skates on as soon as he has ‘done the deed’ – it is immensely enjoyable planning and organising it, I am enjoying it so much, just be careful and try to resist the temptation to let it overcome your work and personal life (ie. get the hint if your best mate at work keeps nodding off every time you mention ‘Your Wedding’, and if your future husband turns to watching the footie as opposed to another night in with you surrounded by wedding files).

GOOD LUCK!! Have a wonderful Wedding Day,

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