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Jacqueline and Rab Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 18, 2006

It was about a week before Christmas and we were just about to go out do some shopping. Rab said to me before we went out ” What do you want for xmas?” I joking replied a “Big rock please!!” he then whipped out about £600 from nowhere and said C’mon then – I couldn’t believe it I was gob smacked (which is not like me!).
I had to go and do my nails, as I didn’t want the sales assistant to think I was a scruff!! Picking the ring was so hard – so many to choose from – I finally decide on a Princess cut of 4 diamonds and 5 small diamonds going down the ring shank – its truly sparkling!!
However, I wasn’t allowed to wear it yet as he still not asked me to marry him! On Christmas day he showed my parents the ring – which lead to mum crying her eyes out saying “Oh – this is the best Christmas yet!!” – but I still hadn’t been asked – this is torture as I had my self all prepared!!
It wasn’t until New Years Eve 1999 that he finally asked me to marry him – Twice!! – Once in the house b4 we left to go out and again as the bells tolled a New Year, New Century, and New Millennium. It was really quite romantic – but I suppose you had to be there!!!
We finally set a date for Our Wedding 24/05/03 – 6 years after we first met.

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