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Jamie and Mark Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 18, 2006

My boyfriend and I had known one another for almost three years. He knew that Valentines Day was my favourite holiday, (even more than Christmas,) so on Valentine’s Day this year he wanted to send me to school a happy woman.
He called me that morning, as usual and we talked and cooed and purred at one another. Then he asked me, "Jamie, I love you – will you marry me next year on Valentine’s Day?" I was so surprised, happy, shocked and ecstatic. I said, "Yes!"

The day before Valentines Day I received a package from him. He also knew that I loved Pooh bear. In the box was a Pooh key chain from the Disney store. On the keyring was a ball of cotton, which I thought to be nothing… until my finger accidentally knocked it off and revealed an engagement ring… to this day I am the proudest woman in the world to wear Mark’s ring.

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