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Jane and Micheal Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 18, 2006

Michael was my first boyfriend. We met when I was 17 and became an item straight away. He was working in London at the time, and I was doing my A levels in Durham, but we made a plan that I would go to university in the Leeds area, and he would transfer his job to that area too. With a little bit of effort our plan succeeded, and by the start of my second year we had a house together and a little rescue puppy too! It was around the time of our birthdays – we were both born in early September – and so we celebrated that year with a two week holiday in the Dominican Republic.

We had talked briefly in the past about getting engaged, but Michael said he couldn’t afford the ring, and even though I said it wasn’t necessary, he remained firm that we would have to wait. I was disappointed, but nevertheless happy about our forthcoming holiday. I had no idea that Michael was planning a surprise! and didn’t even click when I was rummaging in his bag in the airport departure lounge for something and he shouted for me to stop. On the plane Michael was very cuddly and about an hour into the flight he went for a walk, and when he came back he nudged me, saying he was just grabbing something from the overhead locker. I tugged at his tee shirt to ask him to pass me a bottle of water and some Haribo sweets and was surprised when he flatly refused. But he just said, “No! Later” and as he sat down I found out why…

At that moment an air stewardess’s voice came over the tannoy “I have a message for Jane Stephenson….”. After that, I have no recollection of what she said, I knew instantly what it all was all about, as Michael struggled to get down on one knee in the aisle. I was laughing and crying, and couldn’t get my words out, but eventually managed a sort of “yes” as Michael gave me the ring and a handkerchief. I was aware that everyone was looking as we cuddled, kissed and had a bit of a sob. Within a couple of seconds a few stewards hurried down the aisle with a big exclamation of “Well??!”. We told them it was a yes and they promptly treated us to a couple of complimentary bottles of champagne before announcing the positive response to the rest of the passengers, to great applause.

The rest of the journey passed in the blink of an eye, and we had the most fabulous holiday (and a huge phone bill as we called home so much). We will be married in August 2006, a year after I get my degree so I can concentrate on the planning. I love my quirky proposal, its one of the reasons I know Michael and I are made for each other, and I couldn’t be happier.

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