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Jenna and David Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 18, 2006

David asked me if I wanted to get married in Sainsbury’s. As you can imagine, I was a bit taken aback – when someone asks you to marry them, it’s not normally whilst you’re doing your weekly shop! However, I did say yes, so we told our families, who were really happy.

David told me that his company said that he could take me out for a posh meal to celebrate, so he booked a table Jamie Oliver’s restaurant Fifteen. I was really excited as I’d always wanted to go there. David’s mum came round to baby-sit our son Gareth and David’s friend acted as our driver for the night, so we didn’t have to worry about a thing.

David had told me that Jamie Oliver wouldn’t be there in person that night – I was a bit disappointed but I was still really excited to be in his restaurant. We sat down in a cosy corner of the restaurant and started to drink some Champagne. We were chatting away when all of a sudden Jamie came out of his kitchen with his chefs in tow – and he was heading for us!

He came over to our table and asked: "Who doesn’t like oysters?" David pointed at me and said: "Her!" Then Jamie, holding an oyster shell, came and sat next to me. I went bright red and started to panic as I thought he was going to make me eat one! He asked me to remove the parsley sat on the oyster shell and there, sitting in some crushed ice, was my engagement ring! David then asked me properly if I would marry him and I said yes. I was so overwhelmed that I was in tears.

Jamie then told the whole restaurant that I had said yes and everyone started clapping. It was such a great proposal and we’ve got a wonderful story to tell our grandchildren.

We are due to get married on 2 October 2004.

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