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Joanne and Ryan Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 18, 2006

My boyfriend of five and a half years set up a very romantic proposal and I had no idea!

He asked me to take a day off work on December 4 2003.Then he collected me from work, made me wear a blindfold and drove me to a secret location. He played me romantic love songs the whole way and it took more than four hours to reach our special destination.

When we arrived he made me keep the blindfold on and stay in the car until he said so. There was a bit of a wait but it was all worth it. When he came to collect me, he removed my blindfold and I was standing in front of the most beautiful little white cottage overlooking the bay of Anglesea.

Ryan took me around the cottage, showing me all the rooms and special features. Then he took me into the living room. There were candles everywhere and a vase on the mantlepiece with a flashing heart beside it and an envelope inside it. Ryan then asked me to open the envelope and look out of the living room window. Although it was dark, he said it was the best view of the bay.

Inside the envelope was a handwritten poem saying how much he loved me and what I meant to him. At the very end it said: "With this ring of Welsh gold, will you be my wife forever, Joanne?" I turned around and Ryan was on bended knee, holding out a ring box with a handmade, Welsh gold, diamond ring. It was beautiful!

I was so shocked and took a while to say yes! It was the most amazing night of my life. I am so happy and grateful to Ryan for making my dreams come true. We hope to get married in September 2005 and I know it will be a day to remember.

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