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Kara and Shane Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 18, 2006

Shane and I had known each other for years, as he is my best friend’s oldest brother. He had always chased me but it was certainly not something I took seriously. Things changed when I came home for Easter, near the end of my final year at university. I had been invited to a friend’s 21st birthday party (thanks Garry!) and it turned out that Shane was there too.

We were all sitting together and after a few drinks the usual banter started with him asking me if I would go out with him sometime. Eventually I asked him where he wanted to go out, and he suggested Chester Zoo. I was very surprised, as it wasn’t what I had expected to hear, but somehow it made me look at him differently, probably because I am ‘animal mad’ and had always wanted to go to Chester Zoo but had never got around to going!

Anyway I said yes and the rest is history. As for the proposal, well where could be more fitting than at Chester Zoo? We decided that, for our first anniversary, we would go back for a visit. As we stood in the bat cave, watching bats and fish in the semi-darkness, he asked me. I was surprised and pretty speechless!

It has been a long engagement but we have finally set a date and I imagine all too soon there will be a whirlwind of planning! I can’t wait!

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