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Karen and Alan Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 16, 2006

Alan and I got engaged on the 3rd of January 2000, just over 1 year ago. We had met on New Year’s Eve 1994 and have been inseparable ever since. During the time we have been together Alan has always been studying, we were only 18 when we met, he was doing a degree in Civil Engineering when I met him. Because he was studying in Dublin, 80 miles from where I live in Wexford, we only ever saw each other at weekends and on holidays. In November 1998, he has conferred with his degree and he stayed on in University as a research assistant. In September 1999 he was offered a research Masters Degree in Galway, although it was good news for his career it had serious implications for our relationship, Galway was a 5 hour drive from Wexford for one thing. We muddled along until Christmas 1999 and over Christmas we had a very long heart to heart about where we were going as couple etc, at the end of the discussion we came to the conclusion that we couldn’t be without each other, but marriage wasn’t possible as Alan was still a penniless student, if we had the cash we’d be married in the morning! We decided to get engaged in June 2000, for my birthday, not very romantic I know, but there’s more!

Over the millennium celebrations we had a rethink and on the night of the second of January 2000 we decided why wait so the following morning we told Alan’s parents and we went to town to buy the ring with a small budget made up of what was left of our credit card limits! The very first ring I saw in the window I fell in love with and when we checked the price, it was just inside the budget. We went in and tried it on, it fitted, it was perfect, and it took all of 3 minutes to buy it. Alan made a remark as to why I couldn’t buy clothes as quickly as that! When the jeweler asked if I wanted to wear it, Alan wouldn’t let me, he said he had a little surprise for me.

We drove home to my parents house and before we went in he stopped me and said " Five years ago on this doorstep I asked you to be my girlfriend, today I’m asking you to do me the honor of being my wife" I burst out crying I thought it was the most romantic thing he’d ever said. We went in and told my parents and family and they were over the moon.

Now twelve months on I love Alan more that I ever did, he now only has nine months left in college and once he graduates we are going to set a definite date but at the moment all we know is that it will be in the summer of 2003 and I can’t wait but what I really can’t wait for is the everything that will come after our Wedding day. I’m really looking forward to sharing the rest of my life with the most wonderful man I will ever know

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