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Kate and David Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 18, 2006

I have been going out with my girlfriend, Kate Fitzgerald for nearly three years and we have been living together for about two years. Last June, we bought a place together. Unsurprisingly, the subject of marriage has reared its ugly head on numerous occasions, usually while I’ve been trapped in a car with Kate on a long journey. The plan has always been to get married, but being a typical bloke, saying I’m going to do it and actually getting round to doing it is a totally different matter. So Kate decided to take things into her own hands and take advantage of it being a leap year. A couple of weeks before the 29th, my boss told me we had to go on a meeting which would mean a huge change in my job, for the better. I was very excited and actually went and bought a new suit for the occasion. On the day in question, I was getting ready to leave for the meeting and looked out of the window and saw this white stretch limo in the car park, but still didn’t click. As we walked out to my boss’s car, Kate stuck her head out of the limo and called me over. I still didn’t have a clue what was going on and told Kate that I couldn’t get in the car as I was going to this meeting and I looked to my boss for help only to see him smiling, and finally the coin dropped. Once in the limo, we had Champagne and Kate had brought one of our favourite CDs. We drove up to the Blue Elephant in Fulham, which I had previously taken Kate to as a surprise for our second anniversary. It was there that they brought out this water melon into which had been carved "Will you marry me?" and some flowers and I said "I suppose so". We then had a lovely meal and quite a lot to drink. After the meal, we went up to the Ritz for afternoon tea and then we were going to try to see a show, but decided we were too drunk and went back to our local and told all our friends. I read in the paper about other girls who proposed on the 29th, but none of them as well as Kate. It was the most amazing day of my life and I thought I should share it. We are getting married this August. Good luck to everyone else getting married. David Buckney

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