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Katrina and John Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 18, 2006

Friday 22nd October was the date our first baby was due. Unfortunately he was born premature and didn’t survive.

The day was spent visiting his grave and putting some flowers down. Then we went shopping and he said we would pop in to see my mum. When we got there, John made some sort of excuse about going to help a friend which I wasn’t at all happy about!

He came back an hour later and suggested we went home to order a chinese. This was supposed to be a special day and we’d been shopping, gone to my mum’s and been abandoned and ended up with a chinese take away!

I walked in the kitchen and there was a note asking me to marry him along with three other notes and a pin. I had to turn over these little notes which read ‘use the cupids arrow (pin) to pop the balloons to find your ring’. I walked into the living room and it was filled with helium balloons. I was shocked… this was what he had abandoned me for.

After popping all the balloons which all had little notes in and still no ring, he brought one more in which I popped. There was my ring along with a note saying ‘Will you marry me?’. It was the sweetest thing he has ever done.

It turned such a sad day in to a day I will never forget for two reasons.

We have now set a date 25 August 2006, (25 August being the day we first met).

By the way… we did end up having a chinese!

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