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Kelly and Mike Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

I met my fiancé back in February over the internet, I know it sounds quite desperate but I wasn’t looking for anything!

I had started using a chat site to talk to my friends who lived quite far away, we found that talking over the internet in a chat room was less expensive than over the phone. I started to chat to other people in the chat rooms and Mike was one of them.

He made me laugh and as we chatted I found myself going on line just to see if he was there and if he wasn’t I wouldn’t bother staying on. Eventually we exchanged phone numbers and we were on the phone for at least an hour every night. The problem was I lived in the North East of England and he lived in Kent.

In March I decided to go down on the train to visit, I was very nervous and convinced that he may be a mad axe murderer. We met and I stayed the weekend, as I was about to leave Mike asked me to go out with him, of course I said yes but I worried about the long distance. I came down for a few more weekends and then in May I took a week’s holiday. I spent the week with Mike and I realised I couldn’t leave him. I went back home on the Monday, quit my job on the Tuesday, told my parents on the Wednesday and moved on the Saturday!

I have now lived in Kent for four months and Mike and I have not had one falling out. I think the world of him, he asked me two months ago to marry him and I said yes straight away. It is a bit sudden but I know I want to be Mrs Wood. We are going to marry next August and I can’t wait!

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