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Kerry and Robert Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: October 29, 2007

Kerry and Robert

Date of proposal


How old were you both when you got engaged?

Rob was 26, and I am 28

Who proposed?


How did your partner (or you) propose?

We went on holiday to Florida very recently, and it has always been my dream to swim with dolphins, so he took me to Discovery Cove. Whilst there, we had a 45 minute interaction with the dolphins, and got to swim with them. Once it had finished, the photographer said to me, “Sorry we have to do your photograph again as it didn’t come out.” I just said, “thats fine”. The trainer said to me “At the end of an interaction session, we give the dolphins a boat buoy to play with and so it will bring it to you.” I was still totally oblivious at this point!! The dolphin brought over the buoy, and I was just smiling for the camera, while Rob was standing behind me. The trainer said to me ” Kerry, are you going to read it??” I looked down and was completely taken aback, and just burst into tears. I immediately said yes! We hugged lots and the moment was captured on camera (see the picture!) We were then taken to our own private area, a cabanna on the beach overlooking the dolphin lagoon. Rob then got down onto his knee and proposed properly. The ring was in its box in a larger box surrounded by flowers. I then said yes again! For the day we were given champagne, chocolates, our own seating area, a crystal frame and the video of our special day. It was fantastic!

Who did you share the news of your engagement with first?

My parents

Describe your ring.

A white gold ring with 0.72 of a diamond set into it.

Did you help choose the ring?

No! He did very well!!

Did you have an engagement party?

Not yet!

When do you plan to marry?

2009, date not set yet! Still early days !

What are you looking forward to the most about planning a wedding?

Getting all of my family and friends in once place to share with me a very special day.

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