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Kim and Paul Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

On Friday 20 June this year, a huge bouquet of flowers arrived at my work with a message attached saying: "It’s surprise time!" I called Paul to ask what was going on and he said he was taking me to Barcelona for the week. Friends kept saying he was going to pop the question but I didn’t think he would for one minute. We were living together and had talked about it but both agreed we would wait a while.

The trip started off fantastically with lots of sightseeing. On the Wednesday we went to Mont Juic, an old castle high up in the hills. We were walking around when we stopped in a secluded turret where you could see the whole of Barcelona stretched out below. Paul cuddled up to me and said he had lied about the reason for bringing me here. It was actually our 1000th day anniversary. I heard him fumbling in his pocket and turned round to see him on bended knee with a beautiful diamond ring. I said yes straight away.

He had already asked my dad, which I thought was very sweet, and we have set a date for 3 September 2005 – so we have plenty of time to save!

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