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Laura and Adam Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

The setting was perfect. We were sipping cocktails in a sea front bar in Crete when Adam asked me, on bended knee, "Will you marry me?". Of course, I said yes and we toasted each other with Champagne, whilst a tourist took our photo. Lovely and romantic isn’t it? But now the real facts. Adam and I had seen the ring the day earlier in Greek jewellers. I fell in love with it instantly, but Adam didn’t seem to get the hint, or so I thought! So we walked on by… In fact, Adam had picked up on my oh-so-gentle hints and was preparing to sneak back and buy it (ahhhhhh)! So later that day, whilst I was nicely cooking in the sun, he sneaked off and made that purchase. Not expecting to budget for an engagement ring in our holiday money, Adam used his initiative and bought it with our joint credit card, for which I was the main card holder. So you see, it wasn’t just the romantic setting that made Adam pop the question, it was the fact that he had thirty days until I received the bill! Once we’d come back down to earth, about the same time the hangover kicked in, we realised that Adam’s family had left for their holidays that day. We wanted to let them know before they went, so we quickly ran to the nearest phone. Of course, they had just left! Adam’s sister was at home, though and said she’d get a message to them before they took off, and that was exactly what she did. She phoned up the airport and announced it over the tannoy, much to the surprise and joy of my future in-laws. When we arrived home, the totem drums had been beating. Everyone knew and there was no turning back.

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