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Laura and Fraser Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

This is a story that all my friends and family will be talking about for a
very long time.

We left for a Caribbean cruise on the 19 May 2001 and had already decided that we would be swimming with the dolphins in Nassau, Bahamas. A lifelong dream of mine anyway and the holiday was fantastic. On the 24th May we reached Blue Lagoon Island and whilst I was a bit anxious Fraser seemed very nervous, now I know why. We were with a group of 40 other people and were being entertained by a dolphin called Shaun! He seemed to take a great liking to me and kept wanting cuddles and kisses! The dolphin was amazing. All of a sudden he swam at about 25mph towards the edge of the lagoon and came back with a small box in his mouth. He swam and gave it to me at which point Fraser took the diamond ring from the box, got down on one knee in the middle of the pool and proposed. What could I say!! The crowd were stunned, applauded and Shaun the dolphin started doing backflips and clapping his fins.
The dolphin encounters have never had a proposal before, the trainer was really nervous just in case Shaun dropped the ring and Fraser was worried in case he himself dropped the ring when he proposed! They made a video of the occasion for us so that we won’t forget the
experience, as if! We also have lots of photos as well, including one of me and the dolphin very emotional.
Dolphin proposing, what more could I want?

Now Fraser knows he has to top that somehow for the wedding, watch this space.

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