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Lauren and Josh Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

Josh and I were in England with our university’s symphonic wind ensemble from Whitewater, Wisconsin, USA. Our group was on tour and played at various locations including Christ Church in Oxford, masterclasses at Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, Salisbury Cathedral, and City Temple in London.

On our final day, Friday March 26, the ensemble was granted free time to roam about London and experience the city for ourselves.

Josh, myself and three other friends hung out all over London that night – we rode the London Eye, walked around Parliament, and then Josh suggested a visit to Piccadilly Circus. By the time the five of us ventured over there, we were pretty hungry so we grabbed a bite to eat at a restaurant right across from the statue of Eros, the god of love.

Josh nonchalantly asked me if I would mind going out to the statue without our friends once we were finished eating to get a closer look at it. I said sure, but as luck would have it we never made it out there without our friends. So we continued roaming the streets of London and wound our way back to the Circus once more.

Another attempt was made by Josh to get me over there so we told the others we would catch up to them in the store in a few minutes. Josh told me all about the statue depicting this Greek god. We shared some kisses and hugged as he then asked: "Shall we catch up with the others now?" I said: "Why not?" and we shared one more kiss.

Without knowing what was about to happen next, I casually said: "This would be a beautiful place for someone to get a proposal". Then, he took my hands and pulled a box from his jacket pocket and asked me to marry him. We both shed some tears and I said "Yes." It was beautiful and a moment I will remember for the rest of my life.

The story gets better though. Josh then told me how he had been planning this for over two months and that our band director knew all about it. He had asked our band director where he thought would be a good place to propose to me in England. Without knowing himself, our band director phoned our tour company and then they all discussed the possibilities. The final suggestion, Eros, sounded romantic to Josh and he followed through with the plan.

For the whole week, our band director carried the ring to keep me from seeing it, just in case Josh was searched at the airports or other venues we visited on our tour. Our bus driver was in on the plan as well and took a ‘detour’ to our hotel in London the night prior to the engagement so that Josh could see exactly how to get to Piccadilly Circus.

It was a complete surprise, as Josh even picked out the ring all by himself!

I have never been so touched and moved by another’s actions as I was that day. I know I will have Josh by my side for the rest of my life.

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