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Libby and Ashley Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

Ashley and I met when I was 13 and he was 14. We fell in love there and then. Ash is my best friend and we are soul mates. We were apart for a while, but he asked me out again by sending me red and white roses with my favourite flowers – lillies – with a card asking, ‘can I be yours?’ I burst into tears called him straightaway. Our relationship has gone from strength to strength since that day.

We started to talk about getting married but Ashley kept saying that he didn’t want to get engaged too early. I was expecting to get engaged by the end of September this year but he took my breath away on an evening that he had been planning for a few months.

In July this year he took me to a fancy restaurant and we had a lovely evening talking about growing old together.
He took me home and as soon as I got out of the car he put his arm round me and whispered: "Close your eyes." I felt like my tummy was in mouth and my heart was pounding! He took me round the side of my house and took me into the back room.

When I opened my eyes, Ash was on one knee and was holding a little black ring box. He opened it and said: "Lib, will you marry me?" I shouted: "Yes!" and began to gaze at my new ring – until I caught site of the rest of the room. There were 500 candles in the shape of a heart on the floor and 100 other candles all around the room – and fairy lights on the ceiling. As soon as I opened my eyes, tears started to gush out. It was so emotional. We couldnt stop hugging – it was wonderful. What made it even more special was the fact that mine and Ashley’s parents were there to see it all happen. They came out of the room next door and gave us our first cards and presents. I will never, ever forget that wonderful moment for as long as I live.

Who said romance was dead?

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