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Linda and Robin Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 29, 2007

Linda and Robin

Date of proposal


How old were you both when you got engaged?

39 & 40 yrs old

Who proposed?

Robin proposed to me!

How did your partner (or you) propose?

He got down on one knee in the middle of the street whilst we were on our way to the local shops, I thought he was joking as we were a little tipsy so I said I’d think about it. So I did and I took over a year to give him a definite answer. I gave him my answer on 16/07/06 and after asking my father we got officially engaged in August 2006.

Who did you share the news of your engagement with first?

Our family and close friends

Describe your ring.

Its 1ct Black Solitaire Diamond Ring Set in 9ct White Gold

Did you help choose the ring?

Of course

Will your partner wear an engagement ring as well?

Well sort of he has a Titanium Diamond Set ring I bought him just after I got my ring.

Did you have an engagement party?

Small celebration

If so, where was it held?

At home

How many people were invited?

Just the 2 of us and further celebrations with friends and family!

Did you have a particular theme for your party?


When do you plan to marry?

1st August 2008

What are you looking forward to the most about planning a wedding?

Making sure we have the perfect day!

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