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Lisa and Chris Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

We were on our second holiday together in Majorca. For days Chris had been trying to get me up to watch the sun rise but I was having none of it! One morning, we had a row about it and we didn’t speak for a few hours. We’d booked a trip to go to the Caves of Drach – I had been there years previously and really wanted to share the experience with Chris. After a day on the coach visiting different sites, we pulled up at the caves, only to find that they weren’t the Caves of Drach at all, but a poor substitute!

When we finally got back to the hotel after a disappointing day, we decided to eat dinner and then phone home. Afterwards Chris suggested a walk along the beach. I really didn’t want to as it was boiling hot and I didn’t want to ruin my new shoes! After much moaning on my part and keeping a distance behind him, Chris suddenly stopped and got down on one knee, with the most beautiful diamond ring, just as the sun was setting behind us. He’d carried the ring around with him all day – he was going to propose in the caves, as it was a special place for me.

I of course said yes! We had a huge party when we came home and we’ve set a date for 2006.

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