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Lisa and JP Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

My fiance and I have been engaged for just over a year now and our engagement was quite unique.Because we have been together for over seven years and know each other so well, we decided the date we were going to get engaged on and the design for the engagement ring. Our decision was based on the fact that both our mothers had passed away and meant a great deal to us. We decided we would melt my mother’s wedding set to make up our engagement ring and use JP’s mother’s birth date as the engagement date (7 November 1998). After going to see our jeweller and showing her our design, we were both very excited. But a week before Saturday 7 November, she contacted us to say that, unfortunately, our ring would not be ready for 7 November. We were both very upset, but accepted the fact that we would just have to change our engagement date. Little did I know that JP had been contacted on the Friday evening by the jeweller to say that he could collect the finished ring. On the Saturday, we went out to dinner, which was just going to be in remembrance of JP’s mother. I must admit, I was a little suspicious and just before we left the house, I searched my fiance’s jacket pockets for any last sign of a ring, but to my dismay there was nothing.So we left for the seaside restaurant. On arrival, I noticed my fiance hesitating before getting out of the car. As he turned to me while looking for something in his trouser pocket, I realised what it was and without giving him the chance to ask me, I excitedly asked, “Is that our ring, please can I see it?”The rest of our evening was very romantic, a candlelit dinner looking out onto the open sea and a surprising delivery of flowers and Champagne to our table from a close friend made it a night to remember.So although I didn’t propose to my fiance, I didn’t exactly give him the chance to ask first either.

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