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Lorraine and Rickie Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

Rickie and I had chosen to go to New York as a birthday treat for me. We booked a last minute deal and flew out on the night of my birthday (3 February). We spent our first day in New York doing a cruise around Manhattan followed by skating in Central Park. Rickie was determined to get me on the ice skating rink, once on the rink I felt quite unsteady and straight away insisted on getting off. After a heated discussion, I skated off determined to get my ice skates off and Rickie followed quietly.

We then went walking in Central Park and out on to the Avenue of the Americas. Rickie was very quiet which I thought was down to the disappointment of not having the chance to spend time ice skating in a famous park. I kept asking him if he was OK and didn’t get much response so I thought I was in his bad books. We got to the Rockafellar Centre, right by Radio City, where we stopped on a corner to decide what to do. I asked Rickie what was wrong and why he was so quiet. He hesitated and then went on to say…

The reason I have been quiet is because I wanted to ask you something while ice skating but you didn’t want to stay on the rink’. He then took a small box out of his coat pocket and held it in front of him. I think I was having a blonde day as I still didn’t click. He said ‘will you marry me?’ and opened the box with a beautiful diamond ring in it. I burst into tears and blubbered a yes (of course), he then burst into tears and stood on the corner hugging each other and crying our eyes out. We got a few strange looks but didn’t care, we were on cloud nine! I then phoned our family and friends to tell them the good news. Quite a few more tears were shed and my phone bill made me cry even more when I got home but it was worth it!!

I felt bad that I had ruined Rickie’s plans of proposing where he had set his mind on, but I think it made it even more special and is something I will remember for the rest of my life.

We went into an Italian restaurant to celebrate and the waiters were a little concerned when they saw us all teary eyed. When we told them our good news, they spoilt us with champagne and wine. It was a fantastic night and certainly one to remember!

We had another three days left in New York and it was the most magical time in my life. We were on such a high and walked around with big smiles on our faces the whole time. We’re still on a high now and planning our wedding for the 16 September 2006!

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