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Luisa and Scott Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

I had been going out with Scott for 10 months when, on Christmas Day 2002 he popped the question. I had just finished a night shift at the hospital where I work and got back at 9am tired out. I tried to sleep but after an hour gave up as I was excited and wanted to give Scott my surprise gift of a PlayStation 2. I thought then I could go and get some sleep. Little did I know that when he presented me with a pair of high heeled boots there was a reason he made me try them on straight away and wouldn’t let me go to bed! I was walking around the lounge saying, "Yes, stop worrying they fit perfectly!" when he went down on one knee, rather pale, and very nervously asked me to do him the honour of being his wife. I burst into tears of elation and surprise and he presented me with a gorgeous diamond ring which he had designed himself so that I could wear it for work. The final surprise came when we sat drinking Champagne and I phoned my mum to tell her. She had been waiting for the call as he had asked her permission 3 months before. We are getting married next August in 2004 and I can’t wait!

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