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Lynne and David Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

It was a boring Thursday afternoon and I was sitting working at my desk, as usual. I am a payroll manager in the Health Service. Suddenly, the fire alarm went off. As it didn’t stop, we realised that it must either be a drill or a real fire, so we evacuated the building and congregated on the lawn outside.I checked with my boss, who confirmed that it was a drill: there must have been about 50 people outside by now. Sirens were heard and almost immediately a fire engine arrived and the fire crew got out. Now co-incidentally (although as it later it turned out, this was completely planned), there was a girl in my team who was leaving to get married. The Chief Fire Officer arrived and asked if there was anyone who was getting married. Obviously, we all looked at this girl and she, rather embarrassed, put herself forward. Now this girl had a real passion for firemen, so naturally I assumed that this had all been arranged for her. One of the firemen went over to her, picked her up and carried her off in a fireman’s lift, much to our amusement. Next the Chief Fire Officer asked if there was anyone else who might be getting married in the future, and who also liked firemen. Naturally, all eyes went to me, but as I don’t particularly have a passion for firemen, and not wanting a fireman’s lift across the lawn, I declined. I shook my head and said that I didn’t fancy firemen, only soldiers (my boyfriend was in the army and is now a cadet instructor in the TA). The chief was quite insistent and said was I sure I didn’t want to marry a fireman. Again I said no, definitely not. Finally, he asked, “but what about a ‘special fireman?”, whereupon a fireman suddenly appeared in front of me, pulled off his breathing apparatus and revealed himself as my intended. He then got down on one knee, still dressed in all the fireman’s gear, and proposed to me.I was so shocked I could hardly speak, but said ‘yes’. The funny thing was that he had walked past me a few times, but as his face was totally covered I hadn’t recognised him. David, my fiance, isn’t a fireman by the way, he’s a civil servant, but he wanted to propose to me in a way that I would never forget and the fire service was only too happy to help. David even had my mum there to witness everything. The local press also attended and I became a “page 3” girl when the story was published!

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