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Mandy and David Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

David and I had been discussing engagement for some time…I was just waiting for him to do the deed and ask me properly. So when he announced he was taking me away for a surprise weekend for our 2nd anniversary, I was very suspicious.He wouldn’t tell me where we were going, just helped me pack and took us to the airport. It was not until we got to the departure gate that I found out we were going to Amsterdam. Tulips are my favourite flower and for a few weeks, I had been talking about going to Amsterdam to see the spring tulip displays.We arrived at our hotel – a lovely four-star hotel near the Rembrandt museum and close to all the action. We spent the day doing all the touristy things like a canal cruise, city tour etc. That evening, we went out for dinner. I really love seafood, so when David took me to a romantic seafood restaurant and ordered Champagne with dinner, I thought to myself, this is it…he’s going to propose. We sat by the window with a lovely view, but dinner came and went and then we ended up walking down to the famous red light district (not the most romantic place, so I thought I must have been way off base – it seemed that proposing wasn’t on his mind!). So we went back to the hotel and to bed.The next morning I was woken with a kiss. Still dreaming I said good morning to David with my eyes shut and snuggled closer. He gave me another kiss and I thought he was just being amorous, but then he took my hand and said, “I love you, Mandy, will you be my wife?”. As you can imagine, this really woke me up! It was a lovely surprise. After all the anticipation and then disappointment the previous evening, it was the last thing I was expecting. We spent the morning clearing out the mini bar supply of Champagne and even had a bottle of Moet with breakfast.I later found out that David was planning to propose in the tulip gardens, but we were too early – the gardens weren’t due to open to the public until the next week! He also told me later that he had taken the ring out to dinner with him the night before and was going to propose at dinner, but had chickened out as the restaurant was so full. I am glad he did it the way he did, it was wonderful and sweet and just like him!Our wedding is in our home town of Brisbane, Australia on 28 October and I can’t wait to become his wife!

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