Marette and Tim Real Engagement Story

August 21, 2006. Written by

The very first time I saw Tim, I didn’t really see him as he was in the front seat of a car giving his little sister’s friend (me!) a lift home. I remember thinking, “I wonder what Debbie’s brother is like?”… Anyway, Debs and I went back to college and I didn’t see Tim for over a year. We built up quite a rapport as friends – I was in a long-term relationship and Debbie and I were about to embark on a year abroad. To cut a long story short, I later fell in love with Tim when I tried to ‘fix him up’ with a friend of mine. While I was selling him to her, I realised myself what a catch he was – so I stole him for myself in November 1996.However, I was once again going on my travels, this time to Germany. I was there and missing Tim terribly and he was missing me just as much. We chatted for hours on the phone and I knew that I wanted to be with him, so one day he calls me and asks me to marry him. I could hardly believe it.I was trying to calm two unruly children while trying to think straight – not an easy feat, believe me. I mean, I was miles away from home (Belfast) and couldn’t really leave my job….but hey, I did and came home – I know when I have struck gold! Bye bye horrible children…hello future hubby!!! Tim and I got engaged without telling anyone on the 2 November 1997. We hadn’t even been together a year and had already spent nearly six months of that time apart, what with me being at uni and then going abroad. Whirlwind I know – but that’s love isn’t it? We are getting married this year (a few years on I agree) and I have never been happier. We have been through a hell of a lot together and I know that I will always love him. He is the most fabulous person I have ever had the honour of knowing – I love you Chubs!!!

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