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Marina and Bill Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

I wrote a poem for Bill – which is all very good – but I hadn’t the nerve to do anything with it. Then, when his daughter came to visit, he asked her to tell me why we should always be together, and she said because I am good and kind…. and I said “an all-round good guy then!”I then said to Bill, “So does this mean you’ll marry me then?” He didn’t reply straight away, but a while later, he said that the answer to my question would be yes – if I’d have him!No more was said (due to embarassment/fear of rejection??), but a couple of days later, he said to me, “So, when are you getting married then?””The funny thing is,” I replied, “it takes two!’He then asked how my children felt about it – aged 18, 20 and 23 – and suggested I asked them. To cut a long and boring story short, they were all thrilled, and then we announced it to all and sundry!

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