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Meryl and Randy Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

Randy says he fancied me straight away after being introduced at my best friends birthday party. (I was indifferent.) Away, a mutual friend of ours tried to get us talking and dating – at Randy’s insistence. We dated a couple of times as a foursome, but nothing developed.

I invited him to my birthday party a month after our first meeting – and he told our mutual friend that I had ignored him all night, I was rude and he wanted nothing more to do with me! (He came on his own and I was busy socialising).

Our friend did not give up and persuaded Randy to give it one more try. We exchanged numbers. I called him a few months later – just to say hello, and we talked for over 4 hours! Three months later we were living together.

He proposed on Christmas Eve. We went out for the night and during our walks home I usually put my hand in his trouser pocket. This time he didn’t let me and quickly shrugged my hand away. I was really upset. When we got home he proposed on one knee and pulled the ring from the offending pocket!!

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