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Naomi and Giovanni Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

My fiancé, Giovanni, and I had talked about getting married but nothing definite. At the beginning of December we were out shopping, looking in the jeweller’s window he casually asked me, “If we were to get married what sort of ring would you like?” I pointed out a couple of rings that took my fancy but then I spotted this gorgeous diamond ring. That was ‘the one’. I didn’t think anymore about it. Then on Christmas day we were opening our presents with my daughter Leonie when he told me he had one last present for me, then disappeared upstairs. When he came back down he told me to shut my eyes and hold out my hands, which I did. When I opened them he was knelt on one knee in front of me holding out this big box. “Will you be my wife?” he said, I burst into tears and sobbed “Yes”. He handed me the box and when I opened it, it had a grey bear holding a ring box. I opened the box and it had the ring that I had fallen in love with from the jewellers. My daughter was delighted.

On Boxing Day we were having some friends and family round for drinks, so that sort of turned into our engagement party. Both sides of the family were over the moon. My Mum and Dad had brought a bottle of champagne with them that they had been saving for a special occasion, and my Dad got up and made a speech.We are now planning the wedding which is taking place in July 2003.

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