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Oil and Nick Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

We’d gone away for the night to the lakes and on the drive home, we went to look for some waterfalls. We clambered about two miles uphill in the heat of a Bank Holiday Sunday and found nothing, just lots of people and more paths downhill. I refused to walk any further and sat down on the grass and promptly fell asleep.When I awoke, we headed back to the car and spotted another sign, just by the car, pointing to the waterfall in the opposite direction. So down we went, at what seemed to me to be an unnaturally fast pace. When we found it, he made me sit down on a rock and said, “Shall we get married then?” so I said “Why not?”. I failed to take a photo of the spot he proposed at.This may not sound very romantic, but I can still hear the water rushing if I close my eyes.

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