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Pink & Blue, I Love You – Claire & Conal’s Real Wedding at Dodmoor House

Written by    Last updated: April 8, 2013

Claire, the crafty bride, took decorating matters into her own hands – and created a stunning one-of-a-kind wedding day! The bouquet, the mens’ boutonnières, pom poms, flowers and more, it all came together on a sunny September day at the romantic Dodmoor House.

Just Married Newlyweds

Bride and Groom: Claire, family outreach worker, and Conal, print consultant

Length of engagement: 2 years (after 12 years dating)

Wedding date: 1st September 2012

Wedding ceremony & reception: Dodmoor House,  Northamptonshire

Wedding photographer: Richard Stevens Photography

Wedding theme/colours: Duck Egg Blue and Pastel Pinks

Wedding dress by: Lusan Mandongus

First dance song: Nothing’s Real but Love by Rebecca Fergusson

Your favourite wedding story: Making all the decorations myself.  I loved researching many different ideas and finding out how to make things.  I love being crafty so I enjoyed every aspect of it. I enjoyed making the tissue paper pom poms for the main hall, although they took A LOT longer to ‘fluff’ than I ever imagined. My favourite project was my bouquet which took me hours and I had to learn lots of new embroidery stitches. It’s wonderful having it to keep forever, I love it so much. Once I’d completed it I then decided to match it with the mens’ boutonnières.

Wedding Venue Dodmoor House

Wedding Venue Dodmoor House

Wedding Venue Dodmoor House

DIY Bridal Bouquet and Candles

DIY Bridal Bouquet

Smiling Bride

Bridal Hair Style Curls

Bridal Gown & Lace Cuff

Wedding Bouquet Made by the Bride

Bride in Wedding Gown

Bridesmaid Baby's Breath Bouquet

Bride and Bridesmaids

Bride and her Father

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